The 16TB Hard Disk Drive Will Be Coming In 2018

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With the release of solid-state drive (SSD) and hybrid hard disk, however, we still rely on the traditional hard disk drive (HDD). The thing is that the size of data is still growing up day by day, but the slot on each computer for hard drives is always limited.

The solution is to increase the size of each hard disk and makes each of them can store more data than before. That is why manufacturers always try to increase the size of HDD.

If you look for the biggest HDD in the market is the 10TB HDD from Seagate. However, the company hasn’t satisfied with this result yet. According to the announcement, they said the new and largest HDD would be coming in 2018, with 16TB of storage. Next two years, they will also introduce the 20TB HDD.

Seagate 16TB Enterprise DriveIf we combined both traditional hard drive and solid-state drive, then 16TB isn’t the largest one. If the money isn’t the real issue with you, purchase a 60TB SSD and then plug into your computer to use. The thing is that these high storage space SSDs are always come with a very expensive price. That is why when considering storage solution for businesses, HDD is always the first choice.

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With this move, Seagate will help many business managers and owners to raise up their storage space without changing the primary hardware, like mainboard or purchasing new extend hardware for more hard drive or SSD ports.

What do you think about these new storage drives from Seagate? Do you really need these large HDDs for your computer?