Finding A New Silent Fan For Your Desktop, Which Should I Choose?

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Building a new desktop requires you to know how computer’s components work and connect them together. The process also requires you to have skills to choose which parts are right than others, to save money and increase efficiency.

That’s the reason why I’m making this post to show you some good parts you can ignore, especially the main fans which help to control air flow and cool down your computer, especially the processor.

What makes a good computer fan? Running at high RPM or running in silent?

When choosing a computer fan, you may confuse because there are a lot of bands in the market. Many of those fans are selling for a few dollars while some others are more expensive. So choosing a right computer fan isn’t an easy task like eating a pancake.

Based on my experience, today I would recommend two computer fans you need to take a look at and consider as the first choice when selecting a fan for your desktop. Both of these fans are the latest version from the manufacturers, and the prices are also affordable.

CRYORIG QF140 Performance And QF140 Silent

After getting a lot of successes with the previous lineup of computer fans – the QF120, CRYORIG is keeping to expand their business by releasing the QF140 lineup, with two products:

  • QF140 Performance
  • QF140 Silent


Based on the 140-mm frame, both fans look like the QF120 line and come with optimized fan blade to provide extra air for the computer. It also helps to manage air flow easier and cool down your computer quicker.

QF140 Silent Computer Fan

While the CRYORIG QF140 Performance come with an adjustable RPM from 600 to 1.850, the CRYORIG QF140 Silent has a lower RPM, from 200 to 1.000. This makes the QF140 Silent runs quieter, without annoying noises. Based on the RPM of the QF140 Silent, you should know that the noise levels of it are range from 9 to 19,5 dBA.

So quite, right?

In the case of interested in both QF140 fans, they will be available in the market for $14,99, (suggested retail price). Unfortunately, there’s no word regarding the availability yet.

Nanoxia N.N.V Silent Fan Series

Along with the QF140 line of CRYORIG, I would also recommend you another computer fan from Nanoxia, called the Special N.N.V. fan. In this series, there are a few models, including Special N.N.V. 120 – PWM, Special N.N.V. 120 – 800 and Special N.N.V. 120 – 1200. Each product has its pros and cons, about RPM, Maximum Air Flow, the level of noise and durability.


If you are interested in the Nanoxia  N.N.V. Series, it will be available for sale with priced from €21.99, but unknown about the availability yet.