A New Competitor Of Raspberry Pi 3 From Asus, Called Tinker Board

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Many of us are using Raspberry Pi 3 for a while and already built a lot of things with this tiny embedded board. For users who didn’t know about Raspberry yet, it’s a small computer board, which comes with the board that everything has been integrated into it, including the computer processor, RAM, and internal storage. Depending on the model, it will have less or more features, such as wireless adapter, card reader, camera, and much more.

Since Raspberry released its tiny computer board, there were a lot of units were sold because this is the only company that provides this kind of products. However, this is no longer true anymore as Asus has joined this market and released its latest tiny board, called Tinker.

What does Tinker Board carry on its board?

Asus tiny computer board

Well, it looks like Asus brought a quad-core processor to consumers. The processor is the Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 and comes with ARM the Mali-T764 GPU.

Besides, the Tinker Board also has 2GB RAM, supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet port. It comes with 4 x USB 2.0 ports, a 40-pin header for other expanded devices, as well as HDMI output. As for internal storage, you can use a MicroSD card and insert into the card reader slot to use as storage. The Tinker Board doesn’t come with embedded storage.

The size of Tinker Board seems smaller than Raspberry Pi 3. However, compared to the specifications, Tinker Board is stronger than the Pi 3 tiny computer board. This will help users to perform many big tasks, including streaming and watching 4K videos.

What do you think about this small board from Asus? Purchase one?