New Mushkin Solid-State Drive From Helix Lineup, Up To 2TB

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A day before, Seagate has announced about the upcoming 16TB traditional hard disk drive for desktop storage. It was a very good news for individual or company who look for a cheap storage solution.

However, when searching for a high-performance storage solution, most of the users will consider a solid-state drive instead of a traditional hard disk. If you also find a high-performance solid-state drive, then take a look at the new product from Mushkin, called Helix line 2280.

It supports M.2 connectivity standard, and based on the Silicon Motion’s SM2260 controller and attached with the 3D MLC NAND controller. Marked as a premium product from Mushkin, this new SSD lineup offers a high-performance for desktop, laptop or any other devices that support M.2 connector.

Helix M.2 SSD

Providing up to 2.5GB per second for reading and up to 1GB per second for writing, this new Mushkin SSD has many sizes of storage space, including 250GB and up to 2TB.

According to what the company claimed, the Helix SSD can provide up to 232K/185K 4KB of reading and writing performance. However, this rate is only valid for the highest model, the one with 2TB of storage. For other models, such as 250GB, it won’t be reached this claimed performance. It will be lower, however, no detailed information yet.

Along with those details, there are no words regarding the availability or pricing for each model at this moment. We will update this post with further information when it’s available, including the price and when the company are going to sell it.